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12/8 C&M draft

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12/8 C&M draft

Post  MidniteEffort on Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:39 am

i had a mediocre infect deck with Hand of the Praetors, and only eked out 3rd place by the skin of my teeth, delivering 10 poison counters in one turn via an end-of-last-turn Carrion Call, Untamed Might, and Throne of Geth. i dealt the full ten on one creature twice last night, but an overabundance of 4-drops and the accompanying terrible curve and lack of speed made for a relatively easy defeat by Dan 2nd round. infect is a lot of fun though; taking your opponent from starting strength to dead in one turn is definitely worth the risk.

the draft started off with Contagion Engine, followed by Corpse Cur, Grasp of Darkness, and Corpse Cur. the infect was light all around; i believe there were two of us going straight GB infect, plus Dan starting in it and one other guy dabbling (i think). i managed to get some third pack gifts, including the first pick Hand and a couple of stand-up infect guys. i had bad luck, as all the infect stuff seemed to be grouped in only a few packs... i had to pass some real goodies like the infect equipment and Infiltration Lens.

good time had by all.

contort yourself!


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Re: 12/8 C&M draft

Post  Slyphidine on Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:17 am

I played Furnace Celebration last night, and wow was it fun.

15 lands, no mana myr, 2 cards that cost more than 3 (Oxida Scrapmelter and Barage Ogre). 4-5 Spellbombs, 2 Grasp of Darkness, Furnace Celebration (of course), Ferrovore, Embersmith, Culling Dais, 2 Moriok Replica. Lots of shitty stuff no one else wanted.

I did make the mistake of not blocking a poison guy when Steve had Untamed Might in hand, but aside from that game, I didn't drop a single one. The deck was all about cycling to my win conditions and swarming my opponents, then killing late game with Barrage Ogre and Furnace Celebration.

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