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Foils Needed for my Cube

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Foils Needed for my Cube Empty Foils Needed for my Cube

Post  Slyphidine on Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:22 pm

Unfoiled Cards (printable version)

Color Card
Artifact Æther Vial
Artifact Boros Signet
Artifact Bosh, Iron Golem
Artifact Chalice of the Void
Artifact Chrome Mox
Artifact Coalition Relic
Artifact Cursed Scroll
Artifact Duplicant
Artifact Engineered Explosives
Artifact Ensnaring Bridge
Artifact Gilded Lotus
Artifact Goblin Charbelcher
Artifact Ivory Tower
Artifact Lightning Greaves
Artifact Lotus Petal
Artifact Mana Vault
Artifact Memory Jar
Artifact Metalworker
Artifact Mindslaver
Artifact Nevinyrral's Disk
Artifact Orzhov Signet
Artifact Pentavus
Artifact Phyrexian Processor
Artifact Platinum Angel
Artifact Scroll Rack
Artifact Sensei's Divining Top
Artifact Skullclamp
Artifact Solemn Simulacrum
Artifact Sundering Titan
Artifact Sword of Fire and Ice
Artifact Talisman of Progress
Artifact Talisman of Unity
Artifact Triskelion
Artifact Umezawa's Jitte
Artifact Winter Orb
Black Animate Dead
Black Ashes to Ashes
Black Avatar of Woe
Black Barter in Blood
Black Beacon of Unrest
Black Bitterblossom
Black Black Knight
Black Bone Shredder
Black Braids, Cabal Minion
Black Carnophage
Black Contagion
Black Corpse Dance
Black Crypt Rats
Black Dance of the Dead
Black Dark Ritual
Black Darkblast
Black Dauthi Slayer
Black Demonic Tutor
Black Diabolic Edict
Black Duress
Black Erg Raiders
Black Exhume
Black Graveborn Muse
Black Grinning Demon
Black Hymn to Tourach
Black Juzam Djinn
Black Kagemaro, First to Suffer
Black Liliana Vess
Black Living Death
Black Makeshift Mannequin
Black Massacre
Black Nantuko Shade
Black Okiba-Gang Shinobi
Black Pestilence
Black Phyrexian Plaguelord
Black Profane Command
Black Recurring Nightmare
Black Skeletal Vampire
Black Snuff Out
Black Thoughtseize
Black Tombstalker
Black Unearth
Black Vampiric Tutor
Black Vigor Mortis
Black Yawgmoth's Will
Black Zombie Cutthroat
Blue Aeon Chronicler
Blue Ancestral Vision
Blue Body Double
Blue Brainstorm
Blue Control Magic
Blue Counterspell
Blue Decree of Silence
Blue Evacuation
Blue Foil
Blue Followed Footsteps
Blue Forbid
Blue Force of Will
Blue Frantic Search
Blue Future Sight
Blue Guile
Blue Impulse
Blue Infiltrator il-Kor
Blue Intuition
Blue Jushi Apprentice
Blue Keiga, the Tide Star
Blue Mana Drain
Blue Mind Spring
Blue Misdirection
Blue Morphling
Blue Mystical Teachings
Blue Mystical Tutor
Blue Ninja of the Deep Hours
Blue Pact of Negation
Blue Palinchron
Blue Propaganda
Blue Rushing River
Blue Serendib Efreet
Blue Sower of Temptation
Blue Stifle
Blue Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir
Blue Telling Time
Blue Time Spiral
Blue Tinker
Blue Treachery
Blue Trinket Mage
Blue Venser, Shaper Savant
Blue Waterfront Bouncer
Blue Windfall
Green Arashi, the Sky Asunder
Green Birds of Paradise
Green Blastoderm
Green Bounty of the Hunt
Green Chameleon Colossus
Green Constant Mists
Green Doubling Season
Green Elephant Guide
Green Farseek
Green Garruk Wildspeaker
Green Genesis
Green Hurricane
Green Jungle Lion
Green Kavu Titan
Green Kodama of the North Tree
Green Moldervine Cloak
Green Noble Hierarch
Green Oath of Druids
Green Ohran Viper
Green Pattern of Rebirth
Green Plow Under
Green Rampant Growth
Green Ravenous Baloth
Green Regrowth
Green Rude Awakening
Green Sakura-Tribe Elder
Green Search for Tomorrow
Green Spectral Force
Green Spike Weaver
Green Stonewood Invocation
Green Survival of the Fittest
Green Tarmogoyf
Green Thornling
Green Tooth and Nail
Green Verdant Force
Green Viridian Zealot
Green Wall of Blossoms
Green Wall of Roots
Green Weatherseed Treefolk
Green Wild Nacatl
Green Worldly Tutor
Green Yavimaya Elder
Land Badlands
Land Barbarian Ring
Land Bayou
Land Bloodstained Mire
Land Boros Garrison
Land City of Brass
Land Flooded Strand
Land Forbidden Orchard
Land Gemstone Mine
Land Golgari Rot Farm
Land Kor Haven
Land Lonely Sandbar
Land Maze of Ith
Land Mishra's Factory
Land Murmuring Bosk
Land Mutavault
Land Mystic Gate
Land Plateau
Land Polluted Delta
Land Savannah
Land Scrubland
Land Secluded Steppe
Land Strip Mine
Land Sunken Ruins
Land Taiga
Land Thawing Glaciers
Land Tolarian Academy
Land Tranquil Thicket
Land Tropical Island
Land Tundra
Land Underground Sea
Land Vivid Creek
Land Vivid Grove
Land Vivid Meadow
Land Volcanic Island
Land Volrath's Stronghold
Land Wasteland
Land Windswept Heath
Land Wooded Bastion
Land Wooded Foothills
Multi Ashenmoor Gouger
Multi Burning-Tree Shaman
Multi Crime // Punishment
Multi Cruel Ultimatum
Multi Figure of Destiny
Multi Fire // Ice
Multi Gaddock Teeg
Multi Ghost Council of Orzhova
Multi Hide // Seek
Multi Knight of the Reliquary
Multi Lightning Helix
Multi Loxodon Hierarch
Multi Moroii
Multi Mortify
Multi Numot, the Devastator
Multi Oversoul of Dusk
Multi Pernicious Deed
Multi Prophetic Bolt
Multi Psychatog
Multi Rhox War Monk
Multi Rumbling Slum
Multi Sarkhan Vol
Multi Simic Sky Swallower
Multi Vindicate
Multi Who-What-Where-When-Why
Red Ancient Hydra
Red Anger
Red Arc-Slogger
Red Ball Lightning
Red Beacon of Destruction
Red Blast From the Past
Red Blistering Firecat
Red Conflagrate
Red Countryside Crusher
Red Earthquake
Red Fire Imp
Red Fireball
Red Flametongue Kavu
Red Gathan Raiders
Red Goblin Sharpshooter
Red Goblin Welder
Red Greater Gargadon
Red Hammer of Bogardan
Red Jokulhaups
Red Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
Red Kird Ape
Red Lightning Bolt
Red Magus of the Scroll
Red Molten Disaster
Red Pact of the Titan
Red Pyroclasm
Red Pyrohemia
Red Reiterate
Red Rough // Tumble
Red Skirk Marauder
Red Slith Firewalker
Red Starstorm
Red Sulfurous Blast
Red Wheel of Fortune
Red Wildfire
Red Word of Seizing
White Academy Rector
White Akroma's Vengeance
White Armageddon
White Aven Mindcensor
White Aven Riftwatcher
White Balance
White Cataclysm
White Catastrophe
White Devout Witness
White Elspeth, Knight-Errant
White Enlightened Tutor
White Exalted Angel
White Exile
White Feudkiller's Verdict
White Ghostway
White Glorious Anthem
White Glory
White Hokori, Dust Drinker
White Isamaru, Hound of Konda
White Karmic Guide
White Kataki, War's Wage
White Knight of the White Orchid
White Land Tax
White Mageta the Lion
White Martial Coup
White Miraculous Recovery
White Mirror Entity
White Mother of Runes
White Oblivion Ring
White Orim's Chant
White Paladin en-Vec
White Parallax Wave
White Pristine Angel
White Savannah Lions
White Soltari Monk
White Soltari Visionary
White Swords to Plowshares
White Temporal Isolation
White Warrior en-Kor
White Weathered Wayfarer
White White Knight
White Whitemane Lion
White Worship
White Yosei, the Morning Star

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