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Random Deck Idea

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Random Deck Idea

Post  Zuty on Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:26 am

I know most of you look down on me already and I understand that, but I really liked the new card Moldgraf Monstrosity. I had been going through boxes of Magic cards and found some Flash's and was thinking how I could kind of do the whole 'Flash in Protean Hulk' thingy, but with this guy. I looked into it more and came up with an idea.

Cheaply discard one to two big creatures (Hapless Researcher / Careful Study) and Flashing in the Moldgraf is simple enough, but if you use Yixlid Jailer, you can discard any card that says "When CARDNAME is put into a graveyard from anywhere, its owner shuffles his or her graveyard into his or her library." and it won't bounce into your deck. So you can discard your Emrakul or Serra Avatar and get them out for next to nothing.

Just a random idea I had and wanted to share. I hope to see my buddy Moldgraf get some play.


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