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I want another weird block!

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I want another weird block! Empty I want another weird block!

Post  Zuty on Tue Oct 19, 2010 10:07 pm

SoM is cool and all, I am sure it will showcase cards that will make me jump for joy, but I want another weird set. I was going through cards on Magiccards.info and stumbled upon Guided Strike (Link is to Weatherlight artwork, not the newer Judgement version) and was like 'Hmmm...I swear I saw that monster before...' And I really did, in the form of Ridged Kusite. A common card from Planar Chaos that I am sure most of you don't even find worthy enough to set on fire, let alone use in a deck, but actual thought went into this card. Its a 1/1 for B with a 'timeshifted' version of the original card it was printed on with the opposing effect. (1W +1/+0, First Strike, and Draw /// 1B +1/+0, First Strike, and Discard) This little piece of crap monster, that was a 'background character' in a much older card didn't just get to be in TS, he got his own card! Like ... Seriously ... That's awesome!

So, I am just waiting for a set with stuff like that. Like a card for the person or creature in the background of another card or more timeshifted stuff. Hell, why not go back and touch on the enemy colors? I'd LOVE to run a WBR deck, but there are currently only 2 WRB pure-multi cards. Also, why can't we have more off color stuff? Lor had White Murfolk, which was cool and stepped out of the norm for 'creature types stick to their color.' Why can't we have a set with really mixed up colors? Like, white Goblins, green Zombies, and black Angels? Sure there may be one or two examples here and there, (ie. Fallen Angel) but I want a set that will throw EVERYONE for a loop and recreate Magic. Why can't we have a Black spell that counters spells? or a White spell that burns and destroys? Yes, yes, I know stick to the Color Wheel, don't make weird stuff like Blue land destruction, but why can't we? We kind of saw it with timeshifted cards in TS, why can't we get that again?

I am, of course, rambling. This has been something on my mind for a while now and, as some of you, I am a theory crafter; I love asking 'Why?'

What are your thoughts? What if they made a 'timeshifted' Baneslayer Angels that was a Demon and was Pro-Angels and Soldiers? What is your take on enemy colors? and how do you feel about the color wheel bleeding a bit?


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I want another weird block! Empty Re: I want another weird block!

Post  MidniteEffort on Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:03 am

Time Spiral was a very contentious and polarizing block. half of the players, mostly new, hated it and felt disenfranchised. the other half, mostly veterans like myself, loved it for its nostalgia and intertextuality. obviously, by making the connection between Ridged Kusite and Guided Strike (the two are anagrams of one another), you love intertextuality as much as i do. Time Spiral continues to be one of my favorite sets of all time, next to Exodus.

Aaron Forsythe (my favorite behind-the-scenes Magic guy) had a really interesting piece on TS through his recent Random Card Comment of the Day.


"Aaron's Random Card Comment of the Day #15, 10/15/10":

Time Spiral is really two sets jammed on top of one another. The first, which the set began design as, is a “time matters” set based around caring about when things happen or things happening at odd times. The keywords suspend and split second are part of that design, as is the abundance of flash in all five colors. Serra Avenger is the flagship card for this half of the set. The second set is a “nostalgia” set, based on bringing back all sorts of crazy mechanics from Magic’s past, such as morph, storm, echo, flanking, shadow, Slivers, and Thallids. Plague Sliver is a great poster-card for this half. The “timeshifted” sheet really plays into the latter half’s theme as well.

Both themes combine nicely to show that some kind of crazy mixed-up time phenomenon is happing on the plane of Dominaria, but the truth is that either theme would have been enough to carry a large set, whereas together they were too much.

When people ask me what my favorite set is, I answer “Time Spiral.” When people ask me what my favorite draft format is, I say “triple Time Spiral.” The set is made for me; I know because I helped make it. Unfortunately it wasn’t for enough other people, specifically less-enfranchised players. The time mechanics were counterintuitive and, in the case of suspend, incredibly hard to understand. The nostalgia was applied with too much of a wink and a nod—references were often to hyper-obscure cards, making the set feel like too much of an in-joke. (For what I consider a more straight-faced execution of nostalgia, see Scars of Mirrodin.) Never before had a set so polarized our audience: the long-time and high-level players loved it, and the low-level and newer players shied away from it like the plague (sliver).

Look at Plated Pegasus. It has a “time” mechanic, flash. It references one little-known card in its mechanics (Mirage’s Benevolent Unicorn... look it up) and another in its creative (Tempest’s Armored Pegasus... look that one up, too). Who gets that payoff? Certainly not the vast majority of the audience. So much of the set is put together like that it’s almost criminal in retrospect. Does the card stand on its own? Not all that well. I certainly can’t imagine putting it into another set. Luckily the card Grapeshot ended up being a major player in the format, giving the Pegasus a dream.

I still love Time Spiral as a player. As a director, let’s just say I’m glad we got it out of our system.

as Aaron says, R&D will probably never return to that kind of design. but let's continue to enjoy TS for what it is: top-down design at its finest: complex, flavorful, and interesting.

here's more on intertextuality, my favorite aspect of Magic design, and media in general.


contort yourself!


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I want another weird block! Empty Re: I want another weird block!

Post  Zuty on Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:00 pm

I could only imagine how much of a nightmare it was for R&D to do TS and new players must have been all like 'WTF is going on!', but I think Wiz should do even like a small release of Timeshifted stuff.

Anyway, I'd MUCH rather see a block for the enemy colors. RBW / URW / GUB / BGW / URG It would be SO awesome! It would be like Guildpact or Alara, except ... COOLER! IDK, I am just one of those guys that says 'Man, I wish -COLOR- had -THIS TYPE OF CARD- so I can -DO SOMETHING-.' Like I said, I am a theorycrafter, I like to wonder and wander.

And I love the lore that goes into Magic. While others could care less, I find it to be the most drawing aspect of the game. I care about Urza, Mishra, Gerrard, Slobad, Glissa, Hanna, Karn, Bosh, Sisay, Akroma, Phage, Jessa, Kamahl, Ixidor, and Squee. I've been out of touch with the newer stuff, but I love what they have going in the books between Jace and Chandra from what I read on the Wiki. The point is, I'd LOVE to see how they do enemy color tribes and what background stories will unfold from them. It would draw me into the set SO much.

I am sure an enemy color set has been pitched before from someone working at Wiz, but I'd love for it to see the light of day and I am sure eventually it would. For now, I spend my days in Magic Set Editor, toiling away making new cards and refining them, but really for no purpose as I will be the only one to see them unless I open a website to showcase them or something.


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I want another weird block! Empty Re: I want another weird block!

Post  Zuty on Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:42 pm

More rambling ...

I think all of these color combinations can be justified.

W=R/B [Destroy, Burn, Discard, Sac/PayLife/Discard to do something] Cruel leaders, blood thirsty crusaders, do anything to appease their God.

G=U/B [Draw, Counter, Resurrect, Debuff] Necromancers seeking knowledge by resurrecting the dead whom have an extensive knowledge in curses and nullifying magic.

R=W/U [Weenie, Evasion, Bounce, Counter] Small goblin tribes, weak alone/strong together, they like setting up traps.

B=W/G [Restraint, Fatties, Life Gain, Creature/Land Search] Corrupt judges whom restrain the falsely accused and feed them to the rancor. Gluttony and thieves, IE Life Gain and Search.

U=G/B [Buffs, Graveyard, Recycle, Sapping Life/Power] Auracrafters making new spells to enhance their armies. Using old resources in conjunction with new resources to craft new spells and create new creatures.

Just a bit of an idea I had. What if colors became their enemy colors? White gains the attributes of Red and Black, while still sticking to what White does. White is like the Lawful Good in Magic, so they have knights, soldiers, kings, and peaceful, religious stuff like healing prayers and angels. What if they STILL kept all of that, but gained the feeling of Red and Black? Well Red is the color of destruction and power while Black is the color of corruption and gaining power over others. The crusades is the perfect example of what this 'new' white faction would be like: cold blooded killers, whom scream 'believe in our God or DIE!' and think that they should 'control everything in the name of our God'. So these knights and wipe out villages in the name of their God and their king. That has a very R/B feel to it.

I can see it working. It would be like Boros, but with Rakdos cruelty mixed into it.

Again, just blabbering so I can get some feedback. I know it will never happen and it is probably a stupid idea, but it's something to that I think about it.


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I want another weird block! Empty Re: I want another weird block!

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