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AU draft 10/1/10

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AU draft 10/1/10

Post  intrinsic on Sat Oct 02, 2010 2:49 pm

24 people showed last night, so 3 perfect pods of 8.
I was placed in the "ringers" pod, with the guys who i see often finishing 1st. I didnt hold high hopes for a good finish.

I opened Mimic Vat and kept it, and my eyes lit up as i was passed Skinrender (crazy synergy!!), then 2 Necrogen Scudder's in a row (terrible synergy!! LOL). Then the black dried up, and i got a few decent white cards and crap.
Pack 2 i opened Sunblast Angel, then got passed Arrest, Razor Hippogriff, and Glimmerpoint Stag so my deck was set now.
Pack 3 i opened Tower of Calamities. Funny card, i kept it. Filled out my colors and curve.

I ended up with a lot of double color CCs but i was only screwed out of casting cards in my hand due to the wrong lands once so i lucked out. I had plenty of trouble getting the right amount of mana however.

This is what i played.
9 plains
9 swamps

Origin Spellbomb
Glint Hawk Idol
Ichorclaw Myr
Mimic Vat
Auriok Replica
Moriok Replica
Trigon of Corruption
Tower of Calamities
Rusted Relic
Plague Stinger
Grasp of Drakness
2 Necrogen Scudder
Glint Hawk
2 Revoke Existance
Kemba's Skyguard
Glimmerpoint Stag
Razor Hippogriff
Sunblast Angel

Round 1 was meh, i was on the draw with a 2 land hand and all my cards were 2 or 3 CC so i kept and didnt draw the 3rd land til turn 4. He won with poinson. Round 2 i was down big, but he swung with the team and on my turn i played Sunblast Angel to 5 for 1 him.
Round 3 he got mana screwed and i won.
He had that ridiculous Geth, Lord of the Vault too, luckily he didnt use him as abusively as he could have, or i would have lost for sure.

Round 2 i played Eddie, the AU usual. We played swingy games, he had heavy poison creatures and the proliferate artifact.
I won game 1, on the play, going turn 3 Scudder, turn 4 scudder, turn 5 skinrender, turn 6 glimmerpoint stag. Beefy.
Game 2 he got me with poison. We both had Sunblast Angel but she never swept. We went to time on the 3rd round and while he had the advantage he couldnt finish me so it ended in a draw.

Now we were curious how the pod would finish since one of us was supposed to be 2-0 to play the other 2-0. Turns out i got paired up to the 2-0, so if i won, i'd win the pod.
I really didnt like my cards that much, i kept telling my opponents i didnt like my cards that much, but the deck did just enough to get bye.

Round 3 i "lived the dream" in game 1. My opponent was playing RG with HEAVY removal. Seriously, whoever passed him all the red removal is an asshole.
Game 1 on the play i drop Mimic Vat turn 3. He reads it... reads it again, and shrugs it off. Turn 3 he plays the indestructible 0/1 Myr.
Turn 4 i play Skinrender, killing his Myr. On his turn he wastes a spell but burns out the skinrender. I couldnt have hoped for a better move from him.
I imprint skinrender on the mimic vat. He stares blankly at me, rereads both cards... then sighs.
Everything he plays the next 3 turns i pay 3 to kill on his end step.
He concedes game 1. Game 2 we both admit to keeping 2 land hands. He has atleast 2 mana myrs though so he worries less. I am on the draw and can play my entire hand with 3 mana so i took the risk. He didnt draw a myr or land for 4 turns, i run him over.

So i finish 2-0-1 surprisingly. I had to bolt to catch the last train back to the city so im not totally sure what i won.
Wasnt super thrilled with my cards but man did i love that synergy with the Vat and Skinrender. Not a combo you can pull off often, but there are plenty of other ETB effects you can rape with using the Vat. Im not sure people are evaluating that card correctly.


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Re: AU draft 10/1/10

Post  redxxii on Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:14 pm

I played in West Chester today, and I too lived the dream with Mimic Vat. Putting Infect creature and Skinrenders on there is just sick... I ended up going 4-1 thanks to the vat.

James, thanks again last night for the Myr Reservoir. I managed to trade for another today, so now I have almost everything for next week.


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Re: AU draft 10/1/10

Post  MidniteEffort on Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:25 am

intrinsic wrote:Seriously, whoever passed him all the red removal is an asshole.

made me lol.

this is a really good draft. a little high on the curve, but i think that just fine in this very slow format. i love Mimic Vat, and i cannot wait to pull it in a draft someday. (one of my favs in this set [Prototype Portal] probably isn't too good in Limited.)

contort yourself!


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Re: AU draft 10/1/10

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