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7/20 - M11 Draft at C&M

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7/20 - M11 Draft at C&M

Post  Slyphidine on Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:41 am

With Jim positioned to my right, I was ready to get screwed out of my colors, but I was actually happy with the signals I was getting. Except for the fact that I was blue, and so was Jim... and the guy to his right... and the guy to his right.

That being said, there's no excuse for the good blueness I got:

3 Aether Adept
2 Cloud Elemental
1 Assault Griffin
1 Blinding Mage
1 Silvercoat Lion
1 Clone
1 Harbor Serpent
1 Sun Titan
1 White Knight
1 Stormfront Pegasus
1 Ajani's Pridemate

1 Forsee
1 Preordain
1 Ice Cage
1 Pacifism
2 Condemn
1 Armored Ascension
1 Brittle Effigy
1 Excommunicate

1 Terramorphic Expanse
8 Island
8 Plains

In Jim's defense, we talked about a few of the picks, and one of them was Mind Control over Brittle Effigy. Mind Control gets the nod there, and Jim snatched it away. But three Aether Adepts are insane, and when you add in Sun Titan, it becomes unreal.

As you can see, I built a tempo nightmare. My removal was great despite seeing no Condemns the entire night. My two drops were there to get me to my 3-6 drops (and besides, a bear is always good in a non-ROE format).

Round 1, I played Pigeon, and was able to out-tempo him. He got pretty land screwed, but it didn't help that few of his creatures stuck.

Round 2, I played Andy, who had an identical version to my deck, except UG instead of WU. So beefy green instead of white fliers and removal. He also had a ton of Ice Cages, an Obstinate Baloth, and a Conundrum Sphinx, which we whiffed at every time. Garruk's Companion is pretty sick turn 2 also. I managed to win the war of tempo, though it went back and forth a lot. He would play a big guy, I'd bounce it, I'd play a big guy, he'd Ice Cage it, I'd bounce the guy, replay, he'd re-Ice Cage. Ultimately, Sun Titan did his job, and when he got Ice Caged, I followed up with an Armored Ascension to beat down for 9 and bring back an adept or Ice Cage. I even had to bounce his Baloth a bunch of times, but I was winning the war of attrition, so it was ok.

Round 3, I played John O, with a deck I completely dismissed that almost undid me. John O was playing mono-white lifegain with a Serra Ascendant, and tons of life gain. He rolled through rounds 1 & 2, usually with a turn 2 Angel's Feather, and then putting Armored Ascension on Serra Ascendant... ouch! We had to play it out, since we had 10 in our pod (otherwise I would have gladly split). Game 1, he did the same to me, and it was an Ice Cage on his Blinding Mage, my own Blinding Mage for his Armored Ascendant (hey cool!), and a Sun Titan that provided infinite chump blockers that ultimately allowed me to do the 40 or 50 damage necessary to kill him. Sadly, game 2 he got stuck on 2 mana, yet still held on against my overwhelming board for about 10 turns, thanks to lifegain. John, your deck was hilarious and still strong. Please post your list if you still have it!

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