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Lets start a magic co-op!

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Lets start a magic co-op! Empty Lets start a magic co-op!

Post  intrinsic on Tue Nov 17, 2009 9:18 am

From the new MTG Salvation article

"The other day I was shopping at a local food cooperative. I’m not by any means an organic health nut. Cooperatives merely have items not found in the big local grocery stores. I do like the idea behind co-ops were the locals buy memberships or stock into a local business/organization. The thought sparked an idea about Magic. I wondered if co-ops could be the answer for smaller communities without a store. Local Magic players could come together to make a Magic co-op. Each member would pay dues in order to rent space in a building. The money from the dues would go to paying for the rent, heat, electricity, and etc. Since the co-op doesn’t care about profits to an extent, boosters purchased from the co-op could be sold at cost. The expense of dues could off set by the relatively cheaper cost of buying boosters.

Another option is to charge a set price for boosters. The cost per booster could be adjusted to any dollar amount. My thought is prices should be set to stay easily competitive. Profits from boosters would pay for the cost of renting the place. Months were profits exceed the money needed for rent; the money could be stashed and utilized later for whatever the members feel the need to buy. New chairs, tables, television, and additional product are just a few items to mention. Otherwise, extra profits could be given back to the members of the co-op. Nonmembers would still be allowed to attend and purchase product from the shop. They just wouldn’t receive any perks as reduced booster prices or reimbursements.

As more and more retail space becomes available, I can foresee landlords giving deep discounts to anyone willing to move in. For Magic groups looking at forming a co-op, I can see the coming years being a great opportunity for them. The rent in smaller communities can be especially reasonable. This is good news for communities looking for a place to call home. Will the idea work in practice? It could. Getting a group together may be the biggest challenge. After accomplishing the task of forming the co-op, there are other possible perks. A member could be allowed access 24/7 to the store. No store hours. Nobody barking about food being in the retail. No storeowner preventing players from having a FNM, Legacy tournament, or a weekend of EDH. Paradise."
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